The first presentation

I did it!

Yesterday I finished my first presentation of a soon to be newly arranged garden.

I never did something like that before, so it was kind of challenging and I was sooo slow!
But now as I know the procedures and programs like Illustrator, I think I can make it a bit faster next time.

Most difficult to me was the selection of the perennials and small shrubs.
There are so many wonderful plants, it was hard to choose between them..

But that was also great fun and I'm looking forward to the next project and to draw more plans in the future!グッド


- Anika


Hello everybody!

私はnew staff小楠アニカと申します。

I'm really happy I'm able to work in the Garden Design Shop and would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Anika Ogusu and like Jenny-senpai I come from Germany.
My interest in gardens is based in my childhood and in some wonderful women.
I was raised in a house where my family lived together with my grandparents. My grandmother and her sister, the awesome nature researcher Loki Schmidt, influenced my interest in plants a lot. So I played in the nearby forest almost every day and helped my grandmother in the huge garden.
When I was old enough to ask myself what profession I will choose, I always said “gardener”.
At the age of 13 one special Anime series from Japan hit me and from that moment on, I collected everything related to Japan. Even financial articles from newspapers. So it didn`t last long that I got interested in Japanese Gardens.

At the age of 22 I started my training to become a professional gardener at the Botanic Garden of Hamburg in Germany. This garden now bears the name of my grant aunt Loki.
After two years of studying in the garden and at a gardening school, I graduated as number two in Hamburg of the perennial specialized section.

I worked for four years in the Botanic Garden of Hamburg, first in the green houses where I cared for tropical plants and beneficial insects.
And after that in the so-called “perennial valley”, outside the greenhouses, where I could organize maintenance and new arrangements by myself.

But I never forgot about Japan and Japanese Gardens and so I applied for an exchange program in Japan. I went to a small city in Saitama prefecture for 6 months to learn gardening in a Japanese gardening company. That was in late April 2012.
But as you can see, I'm still in Japan (^_-)
I realized, that there is so much more to learn about Japan and Japanese Gardens and I'm always searching for ways to improve my knowledge.
My greatest hobbies in Japan are visiting gardens and do research about them.

So I`m glad to be able to work with Hayano-san and Jenny-san who can teach me so much about my favorite subject and I hope to can help, bringing Real Japanese Gardens to the world.

See you soon! パー

よろしくお願いいたします m(_ _)m














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